December 8, 2010
By Ashley Stewart BRONZE, Goosecreek, South Carolina
Ashley Stewart BRONZE, Goosecreek, South Carolina
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Why do you hate me? Because I’m me and even when I try to be who you want me to be I’m still me and you can’t control it? Because I won’t conform to what you think I should think, breath, and be, like you? Cause I don’t hang on your every word, because I smile politely as you take aim and fire cruel words and I laugh because I know you’re insecure. Because I cry at the end of every book because I hate to live in your world. Because what you think is funny I think is cruel, because I have a heart and you don’t because I take the time to get to know and not judge and you judge right off the bat. Because I am me and you are a spec in a crowd of people who walk, talk, and are just like you and you march to the beat of their drum and I march to my own theme song.

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