Melting Shadows

December 8, 2010
The ball is shot. It’s in the air and
I need it. I need it more than
a fish needs water and
more than a dog needs air. So I jump.
High. They don’t expect me
and that’s the best part. I can jump.

Their arms are outstretched-ready for the ball but they don’t think I can jump
than them. But I do.
I don’t float to the ball, I soar. I soar up strong- so that it is mine and
no one else’s.
I am a cosmonaut soaring in the
universe of basketball. I am up, up, and almost away
out of this world
and into space
and into another world where
I don’t worry about
and all I think about is
the game
but I know I must come down
because the
best part is
the landing when
it’s all over and done,
I have the ball it’s too late now and
they can only watch. And
all my problems fly away and
my head is cleared.
I don’t worry about my grades
And getting straight A’s
I don’t worry about my friends
And all the drama
Of who likes who and
Who hates who
I don’t worry about
expectations that are
for me.
My genius older
my athletic younger
their shadows
melt away
and it’s only me
soaring in the universe of basketball.

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heyu said...
Jan. 29, 2011 at 7:36 pm
wow this is great....
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