December 3, 2010
By Amanda Garrison BRONZE, Henderon, Nevada
Amanda Garrison BRONZE, Henderon, Nevada
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The alluring sun taunts me from my bedroom window,
He whispers all the pleasures I could be having outside
Accompanied by him and all his fiery heat,
But I apprehend those lies.

When bearing the smallest step into the dark shadows,
I scorch the bottoms of my soft bare feet,
When strolling to the mere mailbox,
I breakout in a streaming salt water bath,
When I race to the safety of my air conditioned home,
I realize that my fair skin has already turned to a shade of pink.

He fails to remembered that this is not my first encounter with this season,
That this is just another day in the four month span of his hot spells,
That I have dealt with these unbearable days for 17 years,
He omits the fact that I am smarter than I look.

He then promises to control his blazing heat,
Just so I may have one moment to enjoy his wrath,
As I consider the proposition,
And then I continue to work indoors.

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