The Bass Maker

December 3, 2010
By emzydarling BRONZE, Park City, Utah
emzydarling BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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His sturdy hands built the instruments with prestige
The callouses on his fingers made the wooden miracles beautiful
His tanned skin stretched across his rough face eyes full of focus
His black trusty tool belt on his hips reassured him while he made his monster

The mahogany brown of his work clothes melted smoothly into his body?The sliver grey of his hair writhed and twined together
His brown, tanned hands reached up into a stretch
His tall, big frame became smooth and hard

A monster was laid on the work table
It’s strings silvery and freshly tuned
The black trusty board on which the strings laid was sturdy and hard
The top of the instrument curled like hands
It was smooth and polished, ready to be played

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