My Salvation

December 3, 2010
By silver_moonlit10 PLATINUM, Ashburn, Virginia
silver_moonlit10 PLATINUM, Ashburn, Virginia
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I step out into the open
And look around
Stares follow me
Everwhere I go
Stares of friends
Stares of classmates

I can feel the fear,
the anger,
the hurt,

I can feel the superiority
the condenscension
the arrogance

I walk towards the ambulance
Hold my head high
Tell myself they're ignorant
they're snobs

I hold my breath
And get in

They drive away
I'm scared
I'm lost

They see this
They do nothing

We drive
and drive
and drive

Long enough to calm down
Long enough to think
Long enough to get anxious

I see the sign
Coming closer
Mental hospital

I'm deranged
I'm a lunatic
What's wrong with me?

I get inside
We go to a room
There's another girl

Strip search
Heat colors my cheeks
And horror fills my mind
Tears come to my eyes

It's true
It's all over
I'm lost here
I am a fugitive

They take my thinks
They look me completely over
It's disgraceful
I'm ashamed

They take note of everything
Every little mark
All over my body
In case I escape

There's no going back
I'm stuck here
I'm going to die

The author's comments:
I wrote this based on the experience of a friend as he went into a mental hospital.

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