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December 3, 2010
By Journi BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
Journi BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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Outrage With Change

Changing things is not always good
The effect we gave you didn’t understand
This dungeon was once calm
But you mess it up once again

Focusing on our work
Now looking across the room
I don’t understand why things change
Now I got this attitude because of what you did

An evil monster
Treating us like we children
Tired of being in this dungeon
Losing all of my passion because of this rule

Changing everything around you
But not changing you
This dungeon feels like hell
The devil is waiting for you

Don’t even come with a smile on your face
Because he is going to make your day blue
Not caring about how others will feel

You lucky you a monster because
If you wasn’t things will get real

I’m sick to my stomach
Outrage with anger
Trying to exit this dungeon
Do I have any more takers

The author's comments:
This piece come from a event that happen in school.I wrote this because things were changing and i was mad.

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