December 3, 2010
By Ryan Brewton SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
Ryan Brewton SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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Ahh, the moments that I just so miss you
Are the times when you’ve run me through
With a dagger called love, you’ve pierced my heart
And it dies, whenever we part.

Why do I feel, this aching feeling?
Why does the thought of you, send me reeling?
The times that I miss, that I miss the most,
Are you’ve irked me that I’ve lost.

Those happy days, those joyous nights,
With the fun banter and the playful fights.
I’ve lost all that, with a stupid word,
Those words I wish you never heard.

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again,
This phrase that is my sin
With all of you, chocolates and creams
You are, my eternal dream.

What am I to do,
When I’m away from you?
From dusk till dawn, and back to dusk,
I think ‘bout you, my heart an empty husk

I don’t want an ending
That’s not what I’m sending.
If it was up to me,
With you I’d be.

All this, I don’t want to be done.
You are, my only one.
If you could come back,
Then, I’d be off this track.

Everything would be amazing, me and you,
Nothing more would we have to do.
Forever happy, constant bliss,
If I could get, just one kiss

Give me a chance, another try,
And never again, will you have to cry,
With you I’d be, as long as I could.
I’d do anything, yes I would.

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