December 3, 2010
By Sam Swain SILVER, Park City, Utah
Sam Swain SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Cool air flushes your cheeks
a lovely shade of pink.
Thick crystal snowflakes stick to your eye lashes
Making each blink a little heavier
Snow boots on
Coat buttoned
Gloves adjusted
You wander more into the landscape of vanilla frosting

You have the best intentions,
Of enjoying the new found winter,
But, the snow gets in your gloves
Your socks begin to dampen
You nose is ice
Your ears itch
The the snowflakes that were once on your eyelashes
begin to seep into your eyes,
And your hair,
which was once perfect is ruined

Your smile turns to frown, and there goes your intentions
You exclaim to the sky in pure frustration,
“Never mind I’m going inside.”

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