December 3, 2010
By Anonymous

You know why that first love matters?
Because they love you for who you were as a person.
Not someone the world has turned you into.
Not something that other people have turned you into.
Hurt the ones you love, love the ones you hurt.
Funny thing about how it all works out.
Hope is a fragile thing but it sticks in the back of your head.
It pulses through your legs and can make you run up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
And it’s not real.
It’s just not real.
It’s shadows of life
Daydreams of love
They beg for an inch and take a mile
We all become parodies of ourselves.
I wish I could put my thoughts on a paper airplane and throw it at the past, maybe back when love was easier to understand.
I’ve never written a love note. But these hands could write thousands with just a few keystrokes.
Just put the words together a little different.
I say things because I know you will believe them, and if you beleve them, it makes it easier for me to.
Maybe after every falling star, we’ll finally get the right one when the time comes again, and at long last,
It’ll be alright.
Like it was.
Because that’s how the story goes.

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