Rainy Evenings Speaks Emotions

December 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm staring out the window
On a dark rainy evening
As I watch the sun fall behind the foggy hills
As I watch all my hopes and dreams pass me by with in a blink of an eye
Realizing with every flash of lightening
How close to my soul fading away with in me
Knowing that every clash of lightening
My heart beats into a sudden misery
Wind whispering all my secrets and lies
I promise to keep hidden forever
Every rain drop represents
Every teardrop I let slip out
For everytime my heart slowly broke apart
All that remains is a sliver of hope for love

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when my mom and dad where arguing. I knew sooner or later my dad would leave again, later that summer he did leave when I wasn't there. I think he can't face me cause unlike my brother and sisters, I stand up and make sure he knows what's on my mind. Oh yeah, my 23 year old cousin wants this poem read at her wedding, I had no clue I was that good of a writer, I always thought I was an admirture.

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