until then i cry

December 21, 2010
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it was one summer.
when i met him

tall dark ... mysterious
going to the bluffs
swimming in the deep
seeing him
feeling him
i thought it was love at first sight
that week that i was with him
was one i will never forget
we walked along the sand
we walked hand in hand
but there was one thing between us
he was a drug adict and i was christian
he was soo sweet
but i couldnt leap
he made me feel special
he made me feel wanted
that summer he saved me
saved me from where i was headed
he saved me in every way that a person can be saved
he helped me
he comforted me
but i had to leave
even though he promised he would stop ... just for me
but i couldnt i couldnt risk it
my heart was aching .. 2 years and it stll hurts just the same
i miss him and regret not taking that leap
i regreat not saying yes when he asked to be mine
i wish i had one chance to do it again
i wish i had one chance to see his smiling face
to see him ,, feel him , just once more...
until then my heart will ache
untill then i cant love again
until then i cry.

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