Dear Old Friend,

December 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear Old Friend,

We started off as best friends
And remained friends
We grew to be close
Like SpongeBob and Patrick
You were like a sister to me,
Someone who was with me 24/7
You ruined my life
Now I think back and remember,
Remember the long school nights
The flaws between us
The times we cried together
And, of course,
Times we laugh until we cried
We haven’t spoken since you left my life
And I’m glad because you was never my friend
You lied about being in his room
You hurt me by telling me to get out my own brothers room
You ruined my life by putting him in jail
You were too young
And he wasn’t told any different.
Now you talk bad about me
And lie about that night,
Remember that night it ended,
Between us
You were wrong
And always will be
Because I remember
Remember that night you did wrong.
Not only did you hurt me
But also my family and friends
And yourself


Your Old Friend

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