Who I Am

December 13, 2010
I am the blooming flower in spring
I am the pen on a piece of paper, waiting to fill up the pages with words
I am a child chained to the words of a book
I am the stubborn yet open minded girl who strives for perfection
I am the peace maker
I am the mother of my group of friends
I am the temperamental music lover
I am the fatherless angel with broken wings
I am a broken shard of glass
I am an Egyptian temple waiting to be discovered
I am a puzzle that cannot be figured out
I am the flickering light in the darkness
I am the ship that guides you home
I am the eyes you see with
I am the set of lungs you use to breathe life into yourself
I am from the Caribbean Islands
I am from the place where buildings stretch into space
and blocks run on for miles
I am the glowing sun and morning moon
I am from fist fights, curses, and paintings
I am from chocolate bars, jump ropes, and chipping bricks
I am from DR, FL, and NY
I am from candy, money, and soda bottles
I am from an education, cell phones, and good friends
I am a future leader.

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