I believe that the moon is made of cheese...

December 22, 2010
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From my telescope I peer, at this decadent orbiting sphere

With my curious eyes I see, the waxy color of lunar brie

I begin to think what would be better, than a whole planet of solid cheddar

So to my ship I scramble for I wish not to miss, a mouthful or two of this extra-terrestrial swiss

Counting down three...two...one, boosters on and were off towards the sun

Fasten your seat-belts and please no smoking, takeoff on “flight cheese” is no time for joking

From thousands of miles away I stare, at this celestial wheel of gruyere

The moon ages as I make my flight, and smells of lasagna waft through the night

Planet Earth is far behind, but just ahead is a luminescent rind

My electronic devices I now must stow, for shredded provolone is just below

With a watering mouth I set my ship upon, a deep crater of parmesan

I was halfway through that first bite, when to my discontent, I realized, I was lactose intolerant

I believe what I believe though it may be far from the truth, its but all in the fantasies of my youth.

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