Just Me

December 14, 2010
A spontaneous girl
Whose mind always whirls
But my absent-minded skull
Is as thick as my curls

My heart beats out loud
Making a mind-racking sound
So I look deep inside
To see what I’ve found

I see a young lady
Who’s just a little bit crazy
Young, free, and happy
Usually not lazy

Some people sometimes see
The other side of me
The side that’s different and angry
It shows what I can be

They judge me on what they hear
From rumors passed from ear to ear
But the lies are never true
And so I’m telling this to you:

I am a seeker
A lover
A dreamer

I see the good
In the frequently misunderstood
And I know what they have felt
So I do my best to help

Out of all the things that I can be
I think the answer is plain to see
Forever and always, in flame or ice
I know ill be just me

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