A good friend

December 14, 2010
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A good friend is a strong right hand, sometimes committing errors but always being helpful
A good friend is a hairy eyebrow pointing itself, getting angry and fighting for your own wanted justice
A good friend is a rusty pointed ear, listening to you when you are in a profuse hole of darkness
A good friend is a brown, green, blue, or even pink eye watching your back for any problems to resolve
A good friend is an old leg, eternally supporting you through your bright and dumb decisions
A good friend is a talking mouth speaking to you and giving you their best advice

A good friend is a right hand an eyebrow an ear an eye a leg and a mouth; they will always be part of you.
A good friend is a red beating heart loving you in the wonderful moments and horrible times
you will be lucky if you have five friends, but you will be blessed if you have one, good, friend.

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