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December 14, 2010
By ~Ever~ SILVER, Ko, Other
~Ever~ SILVER, Ko, Other
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"Keep it together"

In my hearts of hearts I can feel you breathing
I can feel the way you look at me
Feel the love flowing behind those eyes
Feel the way you love me
No one else loves me the way you do.
But here it is the truth you won’t tell;
That maybe it isn’t enough to just love me
That maybe distance doesn’t make the heart fonder,
It just makes the heart forget.
You promised not to hurt me, but you’re going to anyway.
What can I do but cry?
I loved you first,
I still love you.
You were my first everything.
Well almost everything.
Still I gave so much of me,
I always give too much of me
I’m dumb.
I never learn
I just believe the best in people
In the world
I believe that someday it’ll work out
That “if it’s meant to be” it’ll happen
How do I know if it’s meant to be?
Am I supposed to sit here and wait?
Have faith I guess?
What if I lost faith?
What if it was stolen from me?
What do I do?
Love is supposed to enough
Why isn’t it enough for you?
Or maybe besides being dumb, I’m blind and delusional
That I made myself believe you love me?
Sitting here staring at the screen,
I can see the little girl inside me locked up in a box of make believe.
Protection from myself or the world?

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