splish splash kablash

December 14, 2010
Streets racing past the windows as light appears
There are feet slowly tapping the floor as if you are deep in thought of what will happen next
Gates opening
Tickets tearing
Footsteps clearly heard
Sounds of endless waves crashing down
Now faces brighten
Coiled snakes forming, heading toward the entrance
Gusts of wind catching water droplets
Goose bumps become noticeable
Slowly moving forward until a sudden halt
Reaching the head of the snake
fear and excitement appear
Detaching from the rest
Suddenly everything seems to stop
Time slowing down during our quick descent
The coldness fades
Blood boils
Mind races
Altitude dropping
Wind speeding up at a rapid pace
Walls of water preventing oxygen from entering your lungs
Gravity taking action
Reaching the end
Losing velocity
Water soaring and bouncing against walls
Time passes as shadows slowly disappear
Feet aching and muscles burning
Cashers clicking and calculating
Gaining lost calories
Clock is racing for the dreaded time
Last chance adventures
Rides slowly disappearing into memories
Reflections kick in, as the dreaded time passes
Sighs of mixed emotions appear followed by realizations that this is not the last time
Streets racing past the windows as light fades and darkness emerges

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