Down Boulevard

December 15, 2010
By JakeRosendale GOLD, Hayden, Colorado
JakeRosendale GOLD, Hayden, Colorado
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"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"-Bob Dylan

Don't look him in the eyes.


I can't screw it up this time.

Don't shake, it's okay.

I know its cold,

but I'm feeling hot tonight.

Lucky, right?

Like lucky worked for us before.

It's not far from here,

past 10th and Oak street.

Yah, I know that it's badlands

out that way,

but we can't drive.

They saw my car last time;

we can't risk it.


take my jacket.


don't argue,

just take it.

You're cold.


I think I hear somebody.

We're okay now,

but we've gotta move.

I don't know whose car

I stole this from,

but I was in the gates when I did it.

Yah, they scare me too.

Just a bit further,

then we can go home.


if we have enough after rent,

we can get that ticket to New York.

Think about it,

we could see the Statue of Liberty.

Like people who didn't lose.

I think we're almost there.


I think it's just a little further.

Even if we don't have enough,

if I keep doing this,

you could go back to school.

I think that's him.

Just don't look him in the eyes.

Where are you, Johnny Rotten?

We turn our lonely eyes to you.

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