Earth, Fire, Water, Air

December 22, 2010
By Life_or_Death GOLD, Troy, Michigan
Life_or_Death GOLD, Troy, Michigan
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Do not follow a path, but make your own and leave a trail.

We saw the light
The water splashing
The fire rising in the horizon
Smoke in the clouds

The water falls from the sky
The fire smokes white
We hear a roar
The fire fades in the smoke

The sun falls frin the sky
The sky is dark with red
The full moon is blocked by smoke

The forest is blacken with ash
Light smoke blocks some of the rising sun

The men walking through the town
Blackened corps lay in streets
buildings nearly fallen
The men bury the people
The men prey it was quick

Wings of fire come from the hills
Wings of ice come from the mountains
Wings of rock come from the land
Wings of air keep balance

The author's comments:
I was showing people how the Elements keep balance. I hope this helped a few people.

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