Family Lessons

December 14, 2010
By , Gig Harbor, WA
Your family is all you have.
it is a mindset
repetitive at times, yet genuine.
my father’s goal in life
is for us to believe it

the same joke
day after day.
i act as if
it is hard to laugh again
he knows though.
At night, he says, You will think of my joke and laugh.
i laugh
sometimes at night
sometimes in class
sometimes in the bathroom
they look at me funny
i laugh some more

Your sister is your best friend.
another statement
on days that we fight
i think about it at night
he is correct
i love her more than anyone.
i think about it in class
these friends will leave
she will remain in my life forever

i think out loud
they say i am Dumb
they Hate their family
their family is Stupid
they can’t wait to get Away.

they are stupid.
they don’t understand
they will.

when they are away
they will think about it at night
they will think out loud
they will be called dumb
by their Friends

i do not think
about this
out loud
in front of my dad

he knows though.
i see the way he smiles
when we hold each other’s hands
when we cry in sync
he is proud
even when we plot together
at least it is with family,
they are all you have.

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