Friends with Benefits

December 13, 2010
By MaddieLawrence PLATINUM, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
MaddieLawrence PLATINUM, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
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Remember when our smiles were innocent, and our eyes were young and naive?
Our adventures in the backyard and the kiddy pool that always popped.
When I was just a 5 year old girl and you, just a 5 year old boy.
Where a hug was just a hug, and cooties were contagious.

Remember when we had our first crushes, and kissing was “yucky”?
Our own personal second grade soap opera, the biggest event was recess drama.
When you would run around with your friends, and ignore me when they were near.
Where all boys were gross, and we started drifting apart.

Remember when we learned where babies came from, and that Santa Isn’t real?
Our little acknowledgments, just a nod of the head or a quick eye contact.
When forth graders ruled the school, and our friendship faded into the background.
Where I didn’t know you, and you didn’t know me.

Remember when we had our first relationships, and figured out middle school?
Our differing friendship, and the odd way you looked at me, if you ever did.
When all the girls loved you, and you climbed the ladder of popularity
Where what we had never existed, and I left school though no one knew my name to begin with.

Remember when I got boobs, and the boys started to not look at a girls face?
Our awkward greetings, and not-so-innocent glances.
When you looked at me with darker eyes, and boys started flocking.
Where I matched your level of popularity, and we started to feel that feeling again.

“And with those lovely vows, you may kiss the bride!”

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