The Past, Nothing like the Future

December 13, 2010
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Sitting near the crackling, yellow fire,
I regret the past.
Holding onto the soft, blue blanket,
I fear the future.
The time when life was beautiful is gone,
Now, it’s just a distant dream…

Beauty hides and courage flees,
Everything feels too big, too unreal.
Lost in the crowd, like an ant in a palace,
Searching for someone to help you.
You stumble upon your answer,
Turning your world into something new…

Together, you find your place in the crowd,
Beauty blooms, courage returns.
No longer counting your footsteps,
But striding with pride in the halls.
At last, someone you can talk to,
Someone you can finally count on.

Whispering sweet words late at night,
Staying up until the skies turn pink,
Dinner dates and walks in the park,
Hands intertwined,
Happiness floods your heart.
Nothing will ever bring you down…

We tend to forget the end of the fairytale,
Although it goes “Happily ever after,”
It’s always followed by “The End.”
So caught up in the moment,
We never stop to even consider
The unwanted and least expected…

Color disappears and all turns gray,
Smiles fade, memories out of reach.
Yet the pain is still there, stronger.
Beauty hides and courage flees,
Praying for someone to help you,
Deep inside, you’ll always be alone.

Looking back at the past,
I remember a little girl.
Bright, carefree, curious,
Jumping rope in the streets of NYC.
Happier than any girl could be,
That girl is me.

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