mothers funeral

December 13, 2010
By Anonymous

As I hammered the last nail in your coffin
I said my final goodbye.

No ceremony was held for you
For, you cant perform an official ceremony for a person still alive
But one was held in my heart
For someone that is dead to me.

Trying to repair the open wounds you left in my heart
Hoping the open wounds would heal
But even if they healed
Scars would be left
And there is no Mederma treatment for these scars ma
They will always linger in my heart.

Though I swear the last nail was hammered down
Your coffin shut tight
The memory of you lurks with me everyday.

You haunt and taunt me from day to day
Awake or asleep
Which makes me just wish
Wish I nailed down that coffin just a little bit tighter.

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