Dust of despair

December 13, 2010
Enjoy the breath of life as it coarses through your veins,
Feel your mind take to the raging emotions inside,
Jump into the river of your conciousness,
And let yourself be swept away.
Feel the rush of joy, of depression,
Swirling around you as you float.
Trying your hardest to get the shore,
But never being able to touch the sand.
Grab ahold of the roots of your insanity,
The only thing anchoring you to the world.
Pull your broken body onto the earth,
Cough up the evil inside and purify your lungs.
Grab a torch and light the fuses inside,
Just let them burn until you breathe out the darkness and are cleansed.
Open your eyes to a new world and let yourself become enveloped,
Become enveloped within the beauty of the art.
Brush the dirt off of your face and dry your eyes.
Because you have no need of tears if you're with me in the light.

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