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Green With Envy

December 10, 2010
By Schlag SILVER, Brookville, New York
Schlag SILVER, Brookville, New York
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Her smile was full of regret that day
As she held her head up high.
All her emotions wouldn’t come out,
So she put on a mask of lies.
Her visible features untrue.

She couldn’t bear the situation,
The one right in front of her face.
She ducked in fear whispering,
‘Oh my, oh my.’

His clothes neat, his clothes black,
Covered by a tree.
He lay so softly,
So sweetly for his wish came true.
His world stopped,
Not once, but three times.

Her clothes green, her clothes torn.
She slowly walked home.
Her reflection and complexion,
Matched her clothing so.
For he left instead of she, made her frown with passion.

Her regret for being second made her want to scream.
Instead she walked with numbness.
Hoping and waiting for her friend, Grim,
To reap her.

The author's comments:
The wanting and waiting for death can be very emotional.

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