And SHE wept

December 10, 2010
By jennamoon SILVER, Morrow, Ohio
jennamoon SILVER, Morrow, Ohio
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to love, is to also BE loved.

I sit on the edge of the second story balcony
Listening I hear the wind curling through the trees,
Thee branches creaking
The moon shining down upon a young girl
Her heart filled with pain and agony
Her family mixed up
Life getting harder by the day
She shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath her lungs fill with fresh country air as smooth as smooth as the water flowing down a river on a cold spring day
She listens to the earth…
The leaves blowing down accost the earth’s surface
She feels like running and not turning back
But she has school to attend to a family that cares even though it seams as if they don’t
Her friends care and love her much no where to go
No one to turn to
Nothing any one anywhere
An empty world
There she sits alone on the balcony
And cry’s for someone to come,
To love her,
To hold her,
To weep with her
To hold her hand,
To talk to her
To listen with her
To feel the breeze cut through the trees and feel it upon her soft scared face
To sit beside her
Cry to feel secure for once
To have one another
To weep tighter
And to have……
To breathe the country air
To talk
To sleep
Love and to be found,
And she wept for all,
Loved for anyone
Cried with everyone

But did anyone cry with her…..?

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