Summer's Falling

December 10, 2010
A bitter warm chill greats your bare skin as you step into the brilliant transition of flourescent to natural. The skies brilliant shade of blue seems almost inadequate opposite the glistening green of grass. The simple detail of a single green leaf sprouting out of the wood chips brings wonder to the mind and comfort to the soul.

Yet, there's a certain emptiness to be felt as the suns gentle end of summer rays smile down upon you. At first there are no animals, only the sounds of so called civilization. Although, if you listen longer, a surprising call of a bird will soon bring a refreshingly unexpected turn.

As you watch the young saplings, so beautiful and youthful yet lacking in the wisdom that other trees seem to have, you begin to feel the loneliness and emptiness of the plants as they cry out for some animal to come romp through their bright green blades and loving petals.

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