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Plane Rides

December 10, 2010
By willmike SILVER, Pinckney, Michigan
willmike SILVER, Pinckney, Michigan
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Hurrying, scattering, running
Get to car,
Speeding away.

Tickets, bags, lines so far,
Scrambling though security,
Getting to, gate.

Gate, more lines,
Get to plane.
Find a seat.

Constricted cabin, pressure getting to me, ears popped,
Going up, up, and up
Earth disappears.

Spinning, twisting, can’t think straight
Trapped can’t go back.
Stuck here.
Sucked in by the noise.

Lingering feelings, unfinished business
Can’t stop worrying,
Should be doing something.
Anticipation to see old friends, to make new ones,
To see new places.

Thinking, focusing, concentrating,
Trying to read.
Pushing worries down.
Creeping closer.

Soaring, flying, sailing through the sky
Almost, descending
Floating in seat,
Linked to a metal track experiencing the twists and turns.
So much closer.

Going, descending, racing by.
Circling high-tech parking lot.
Waiting, watching, anxiously tapping
Thoughts running about through
Attempting to clear head.

Impending, approaching, coming
Pulling in.
Excitement, feelings of ecstasy
Dancing around my head.
Pushing, shoving them out.

Joy, bliss, and delight,
Swelling up,
Have to push back down.
Old faces, friends, and family, too much.
Taken over.

Hurrying, scattering, running
Get to car,
Speed away.

The author's comments:
this poem was inspired by flying to Kansas city

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