He’s not a bad person, just deeply troubled

December 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I feel sorry for this person
Though he’s 36 years old
Living life with a troubled past
He’s an actor you may know
He is known for his temper
An issue from his past
From the teasing and the torment
A problem that continues to last
Though I’ve never met him
He and I seem alike
Walking miles with no end
His is more a hike
Both running from our past
But we don’t run for long
When we stop to catch our breath
We hear a painful song
“You can’t run forever
No matter how many times you try
I will still catch up to you
While you live you on lies”
Our blood boils when we hear it
Our anger starts to show
Crying, shouting, screams, and tears
A pain nobody knows
We still continue on our trek
To be happy and be wise
Battling obstacles in our path
Even when the sun starts to rise
But now we are happy
And we are free
To live a life
And be who we want to be
So thank you mister
You’ve been some help to me
I’ll keep your name a secret
But put your initials down, CB

The author's comments:
As a newsies freak, i had to research my favorite character

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