December 8, 2010
By Bobby Ganoosh SILVER, Denton, Texas
Bobby Ganoosh SILVER, Denton, Texas
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If I had a Flofferphlonium
For every time I used the word Flofferphlonium
I would have two Flofferphlonium
Make that three

And with those three Flofferphlonium
I could buy a dog
A really nice dog
At a store for dogs

But I have a dog
And his name is Dawg
And he’s my dog
And I am his owner

But I don’t own Magical Fairies
So I could buy Magical Fairies
But they cost four Flofferphlonium
And I only have three- wait,
Make that four

So now I can buy the fairies,
that are fairly magical
Because they’re Magical Fairies

But now I’m all out
of the Flofferphlonium
So I shall sing the song
Of Flofferphlonium:

“Oh, Great Floffer…
Yes, you! Mr. Floffer…
I am in need of your-
Your Phlonium

So please, please, please
Give me some…
A little more,
Nope that’s too much,
Now you’re good

And now that I have more Flofferphlonium
I can buy more things

And I can buy another dog
And I’ll name him Dawg 2
Cause he’s my dog, too
And I am his owner

And I can buy more Magical Fairies
That are fairly magical
Because they’re Magical Fairies

And I can sing the song again!
Yes, more Flofferphlonium again!
And now I have like ten
A hundred
A thousand
A million
A number higher than a million
And now I can own it all!
Yes, I can buy the world
And I’m standing tall
Cause I own it all!

But now there’s no need
For the Flofferphlonium
And so I am done…
All done….
With my Flofferphlonium…

The author's comments:
Taylor Dewitt inspired this...nuff said

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