(Your) Perfect Boy

December 7, 2010
kissing him feels like having been
underwater for too damn long and finally
breaking the surface
and gasping for breath
and inhaling the sweet, clear
pure wonderful air.
being in his arms is having
such security and protection and
fulfillment, feeling the closeness of
another human heart soundly
beating in time with yours, with
your arms intertwined it is
everything you ever imagined and
so much more than you ever dared
to hope for.
he is the only one who has ever made you feel
so warm, so cozy, and yet
so very alive.
it's as if you never saw
before him, as if
you lived in a world of flat
black-and-white, an endlessly
soundless, dimensionless existence, and
you never even knew but--
there can never be any going
back because his lips on yours,
a different kind of resuscitation but
it's life-saving all the same,
your hand in his, the way he continually
shakes his dark hair out of his
deep brown eyes and the
exact sound of his laugh...
a blueprint of your heart.

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