Our Fairytale

December 7, 2010
By chelseakoryn BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
chelseakoryn BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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Let’s Play Pretend.

I’ll be the Beauty and you can be my Beast.
You’ll pull me further into love;
And in return I’ll break the spell.

Or I’ll snack on a poison apple
And you kiss of true love
will wake me from my coma.

I’ll sneak away to the ball and
Fall in love at first sight.
No engagement ring needed; Just a glass slipper

Let’s take a swim. I’ll be your little mermaid
And you can be the charming sailor
Three days and one kiss later, I’ll be hooked on you.

Or you can be a frog, waiting on a kiss.
I’ll be lucky enough to break the spell,
And you’ll turn into my prince.

Teach me how to fly.
Tell me stories of pirates and Indians. Lost boys and pixies
And we’ll stay lost in NeverLand forever

Rescue me from a tower, and take me on a journey.
A journey to find the twinkling lights,
A journey to fall in love.

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