December 10, 2010
What is love and what is true,
What do I mean to you,
Is it love if its one way,
If feels like its just decay,
Decay of my life going by,
Decay without a reason why,
It feels like its just one way,
I don’t know what to say,
Did I care for you but not get it back,
Did you just attack,
Attack straight at my heart,
Just try to make my life fall apart,
Did you please just tell me if its true,
Because then I have something to tell you,
I think I love you
I don’t know if its true,
But I know you don’t like me anyway,
I feel like this is something I must say,
I’m here for you everyday,
But you treat me like you want me to go away,
I’ve been waiting so long for you,
Nothing else can be true,
Besides the fact that I love you,
If you keep treating me this way,
You might just get your wish and I might finally go away,
“I cant live regretting I just wanted you to know before im gone for good.”

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