The Cure

December 10, 2010
By P@inLe55 PLATINUM, Poteet, Texas
P@inLe55 PLATINUM, Poteet, Texas
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Once there was a boy sick so bad,
But no one knew what sickness he had,
Doctors try as they might,
Sill there was no cure in sight,
Finally they asked him what sickness he had,
He replied so very sad,
The sickness I have is that I’ll love no more,
I need her love again,
Only that will help my sickness mend,
The doctors looked at him angrily,
Then they said that’s all you had,
The boy replied I guess you never had a love to call your own,
Even though you’re already grown,
Doctors looked at the boy so profound,
Standing still no one uttered a sound,
Then a girl slowly walked in the room and said,
I couldn’t get you out of my head,
After the boy delivered a kiss,
He asked was that something she would miss,
As the young girl cried,
The boy held her hand by his side,
Then the boy whispered something in her ear,
Something only she would hear,
He whispered “I love you and I always will”,
And the girl replied tearfully “I love you still”,
The boy gave her one last kiss,
A kiss so full of bliss,
So she would always have him in her head,
Even after he was gone and dead…

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