Which Will You Choose?

December 10, 2010
By BorrenW BRONZE, Lenexa, Kansas
BorrenW BRONZE, Lenexa, Kansas
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Slowly stepping towards the door
Someone whispers go ahead, go inside.
You reach towards the door?
But your uncertainty will keep you at a distance.
Finally you work up the courage to touch the door.
You find that it is unlocked.
Will you open the door?
Or will you let the curiosity linger inside?

If you go inside it could save your life?
But if you stay outside you already know your fate.
Again that presence whispers to you.
You shudder and turn around too afraid to take the suspense?
There is no one there.
Again, you begin to contemplate your fate.
Your mind is telling you the smart thing to do,
Your curiosity is trying to break down your mind’s defenses.

You call out ‘which way should be chosen?’
You realize that there is no logic in the choice.
The path is your choice and yours alone?
Your friends and family are no further help?
You are on your own.

If you stay, you understand your fate is painless?
But you will be gone in an instant.
Although, the mysterious door will be unknown?
At least, until you enter.
‘Will I suffer?’ ‘Will I live a life of happiness?’
Both of which are logic questions to ask of the door.
If only those questions could turn into answers.

The apprehension sets in?
You know it is time.
Maybe just a minute so you can think over your answer.
But you do not receive a minute, the time is now.
So, you choose the pain free way of being gone.

Why would you be so foolish?
You should never give up life without a fight.
Sure that choice was easy?
Sure that choice was pain free?
But the pain and the hardship is life.
That the door leads to the rest of your life?
Too bad the coward within won out.
Too bad, now I must say good bye?

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