buttery feelings

December 10, 2010
By Anonymous

it was their, it was here, this moment right this second. Is this what love feels like? i don't know but whatever it is it feels just right, just wonderful, i had not seen him in forever. Its getting all buttery inside. OMG! i spotted him and he still looking around turning his head back and forth, i raise my hand in the air, to see if he finds it. i yell out "hey!" he stops and slowly turns his head at me. he looks to make sure its me and smiles so big, it makes me smile even bigger. i start walking through the traffic of people and still keeping my eyes on him, but in seconds were in front of each other, we take a second to look and observe each other. and at that moment and at that same time our bodies lunge towards each other and hugs me so tightly i can hardly breath. but as soon as my head is close to his i whisper softly in his ear " finally my is complete

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