A Real Work Of Art

December 10, 2010
By Jessica Gaspar BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Jessica Gaspar BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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I walk around, enjoying the view of all the magnificent paintings,

Sculptures and all the masterpieces.

Wishing one day I could maybe create one as beautiful as these.

That is, until I stumble upon a real work of art.

I smile.

Captivated with how well sculpted this piece is.

I look around,

Making sure my eyes are the only pair that may marvel at this beauty.

Short brown luscious locks,

Swirly patterns of hazel and green

Set upon the glassy eyes of this thing that is nameless.

No title, or word that could compare to it.

It has pink, plump lips,

What is this creature?

And whose hands are calm, talented,

And even brave enough to venture

Into making such a hypnotic and beautiful art?

To bring, this wonder to our world,

And not expect every ounce of tears we have

To be spilled in pure joy.

To eliminate all sorrows and especially to

Represent every beautiful item I’ve ever seen from

A precious purple tulip to

The mix arrays of sunshine that blesses a child’s smile.

I then realize I’m standing outside the rest of the masterpieces,

And beholding the only work of art that I can embrace

And forever say is mine.

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