The beauty of my poetry

December 10, 2010
I tend to contemplate on a variety of things in the aspects of this life. Life is a splendid place to be located at. Everyday, no matter what the case may be, there is something that does occurs in its many ways and forms. Weather its valuable or not valuable to your standards. Something does occur. For instance, the fact of being thankful for making it through each day that goes by. An abundance of people go through a lot of stressful situations these days, and to cope with it all is a very inspirational task made. I look up to those under me and down to those above me. It's a strange concept, but it makes sense to the mind of my own. I look at the people currently going through the struggle that they go through and to see them make it through and fight in this war we call life is an extraordinary fight. It's funny how life works and its funny how people don't realize many things of this world. Every now and then I get the urge and begin to think, abundantly. Such as things in my surrounding. Like, what would happen if this world were to be full of pure equality in every aspect that you can think of, or what would happen if everything went the way you dreamed of them to be. What if you were able to actually go back in time and make a difference in any mistake that you made or any other person made. If that were to be so, then I strongly believe that we wouldn't ever have the opportunity to gain any knowledge from the mistakes we make, and continue to make wrong doings and eventually, the world will be no where near peace. Don't you see? The mistakes we all make are what keeps us going and moving on. I look around and I see trees, birds, flowers, the bright moon and the stars. It is right then and there where I see how beautiful this life really is. Life is beautiful. You just have to figure out a way of developing that beauty. These are some of my views, some of my most inner thoughts and feelings from deep inside my mind, heart and soul. This is my poetry.

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Erik R. said...
Jan. 8, 2011 at 9:42 am
Wow that's really good and deep! Keep on writing!
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