Childhood Innocence

December 10, 2010
By Megan110194 BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
Megan110194 BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
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Nap time… Cartoons… that’s all I had to do.
No school work or stress, life was quite mellow
Polly Pockets were my pride and joy.
Barbies were the bomb, I could play all day.
Playing house and school with my bestest friends.
Glow stars on the ceiling were my favorite.
Being the baby of the family
I never seemed to be in trouble
Blame was always past to my sisters.
But now I’m older and many things have changed.
I’ve put the toys away and grabbed the work.
Many times I’d like to relax and chill
But being a teenager life never stops.
Sports, homework and boys are stressful to have
Although somehow we can’t live without them.
Innocence is not the same its altered.
I must face the consequences of my slips now.
Whatever happens, I will live through it all.
All those days filled with laughter and happiness
have now changed to some regret and remorse.
I wish I could have my innocence back
but I guess that just goes with growing old.

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on Nov. 6 2011 at 1:53 pm
Ellabell PLATINUM, Columbia, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"I have not yet begun to fight!"
John Paul Jones

Wow, amazing imagery, great work!


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