Only If

December 10, 2010
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If you need to kiss him.
Kiss him.
If you need to hug her.
Hug her
If you need to love them.
Love them.

Kiss as if you never have been kissed before.
Hug as if you were conjoined at birth.
Love as if you're heart has an orgasm with each beat it takes

If you need to run away.
Then run.
If you need to scream.
Then scream.
If you need to breakup.
Then breakup.

But run as if you were being chased by two starving lions.
Scream as if you were a baby being denied his mother's arms.
Breakups as if you were the falling towers in the 9/11 attack.

If you need to squeeze me.
Then squeeze me.
If you need to talk to us.
Then talk to us.
If you need to say goodbye for the last time.
Then say goodbye.

Squeeze me as I were your teddy bear on a depressing day.
Talk as if you were a five year old who asked questions about questions.
If you need to say goodbye for the last time, say it as if you were taking your last breath.

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