I am, I am...

December 10, 2010
By aaLISSaa SILVER, Hawarden, Iowa
aaLISSaa SILVER, Hawarden, Iowa
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A friend will ask you who made you cry. A good friend will ask who made you cry while loading a shotgun. A true friend will say it's already been dealt with.

I am, I am...
The waters of the Amazon River
The path through the forest
The trees bare branches
The deserts dry sand
The last breath of winter

I am, I am...
The coolness of the breeze
The reflection of a crystal
The stars in the skies
The pine trees bristles
The wolves midnight howls

I am, I am...
The majestic Himalayas
The frosty grass
The fallen leaves of a tree
The summer's dry air
The deep, blue skies

I am, I am...

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