December 20, 2010
I’m sorry I have feelings,
A heart that always has a castle up around it
You say I
Drive you up the ceilings,
An unsteady house of cards,
You’re sick of all the bad dealings,

Does that include me?

Am I your ugly princess, while all of the others
Have queens?

You have to stop chasing after fantasy kings,
It’s fake glory, you’ll never win a war, joker
With a Spade in hand.

I am that spade.
The one you tarnished and rusted and broke,
You dropped me, picked up a club and ran.

Now I sit here in the dust,
Beautifully rust,
With no castle to keep me safe.

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QueenOfQuirky said...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 8:38 pm
Wow...that's really good! It's really...I dunno...inspiring, I guess? I can't think of how to put it. Oh well. :)
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