Tears, Fake Smiles, and Heartbreaks are no more.

December 9, 2010
I sense you’re in here. I am no dog. Just an abnormal human-being. Or, special. Not in a poor way or higher rank way. Just different. Unique is the word. I sit in a dark, box-like room and wonder where you could be. Searching. Not weeping. I may be afraid, but I don’t have to be since I know you’re very near. Reaching out my arms, listening closely. What if I tripped? Would you catch me? If I got scared, would you hold me? If I cried, would you comfort me? I don’t and you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. Because you’re already holding me, we both don’t need to be scared because we have each other now, and if we cried, we’d wipe each others tears away. Smile for me and make me laugh. Laughing only comes when I’m with you. True laughter at least. Giggles. Three G’s. More than three chances last year… But, this time, it’s my last chance…. And my only hope, for happiness.

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