December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

this is for you,my friend, the one person i can tell my soul too who can relate to me like no other who i can laugh with to no extents who i can cry too when times are tough who can help me with the problems of my life. never have you turned your back on me or told me i wasnt good enough or let me down. i dont think you know what that means to me you have went through so much pain and you still have time for me. i thank you for listening even when inside you are dying, and i look up too you because you are strong, and caring, and beautiful. and i hope you know that i am always here to listen to you, laugh and cry and help in all the ways that i can and i will try to be at least half the friend you are to me. hope you i wouldnt be the person i am today with out you, my friend

The author's comments:
a friend that inspired me to be true to myself and always look on the bright side of life even if i cant even think about life or me being in it

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