I like this guy

December 16, 2010
By Mirinda95 GOLD, Dunnegan, Missouri
Mirinda95 GOLD, Dunnegan, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
you get out of it what you put into it- my track coach

He's really nice,
dances with my sisters,
my mom approves,
he plays basketball,
he plays baseball,
hey! ain't that cool,
he likes to read,
hes got blonde hair,
just not as dark as I do,
I hope he thinks I'm pretty,
too bad he doesn't like me enough,
he cares too much about rumors,
he's all about image,
and that makes me mad,
I hope someday soon he realizes,
that rumors don't make people,
here say doesn't make a person,
thought, heart, and mind,
that's what makes a person,
yeah, I like him,
he can ber sweet and funny,
but he can also be dumb and stupid,
but that's okay,
that only makes him human. (:

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