The Rebel

December 7, 2010
By KuteKat PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
KuteKat PLATINUM, Dhaka, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Oh God, pray Thee, so that I can be beautiful within" - Socrates

I awake when the moon clambers high atop the distant hills
I sleep when the gold and red of the sun is strong instilled
I dim when the brightest light blinds the eyes in dreams
I shine when the weakest stars softly fall asleep
I silence thy heart when the music is loud in all ears
I sing and speak when all is quiet and no one else can hear
I am motionless when all the brooks are wild in their run
I dance and waltz in the dead of noon when gone is all the fun
I cry when everywhere a smile is born and there to stay
I smile when all is dim and dark and the laughter far away
I am lost when all is near and there, and dear and close to you
I am found when all turns to dust and fades into the blue
And when all is lies, and treason whole, and hope is but deceived
That is when I close my eyes, and with my heart, believe.

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