The Eyes That Found My Hideout

December 7, 2010
By Jas1234567890 GOLD, Yorba Linda, California
Jas1234567890 GOLD, Yorba Linda, California
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Dark eyes shine; light a match.
Our fears are lighting up tonight
So let it fall and let it catch

Relationships, roughly patched,
Look just fine in shadows, right?
Dark eyes shine, light a match

In coming troubles, by the batch.
Pull curtains down; draw them tight.
Let it fall, let it catch

Across the skin, an angry gash.
Hide it quickly – out of sight.
But dark eyes shine and light a match.

Close the door. Lock the latch –
Chest is heaving from the fight;
It must not fall, it cannot catch

The paranoia, hugely vast,
With no escape, the final sight –
The Dark Eyes shine and light the match
Which I let fall and watch to catch.

The author's comments:
This is about the secrets and burdens that weigh on people internally. And how we, as people, try to hide them from the public and the world. This poem is about the moment someone sees what you've tried so hard to keep unseen by everyone. And the fear that comes with that moment.

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