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December 6, 2010
By crepuscular BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
crepuscular BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
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Birds of the air fly
Flying through the clear, crisp, early morning air
Chirping and calling to one another
Oblivious to things
They fly, the birds of the air

Fish of the sea swim
Swimming through the fresh, crystal, clear water
Nibbling at plant life, swimming at leisure
Oblivious to things
They swim, the fish of the sea

Trees of the land thrive
Living off the nutritious, brown, fertile soil
Breathing the air, feeling the wind blow
Oblivious to things
They thrive, the trees of the land

Animals of the earth survive
Surviving in the harsh, trouble-free, simple earth
Relying on instincts, survival of the fittest
Oblivious to things
They survive, the animals of the earth

Time wears on, years fly by
Taking not my plea to slow down
And enjoy the simple glories of life

Mankind accumulating wealth of knowledge
Their heads held high
Changing the innocent world into sophistication

Planes taking control of the air
Polluting the skies with big clouds of black smoke
Creating commotion in the skies
Shattering the beautiful silence
Birds of the air, it is no longer yours

Boats taking control of the sea
Dumping black fossil fuel into the depths
Bumping along in the unnatural, rocky waves
Destroying the calm, stillness of the water
Fish of the sea, it is no longer yours

Buildings take control of the land
Cutting down tall maples and sturdy oaks
Rustling of the trees no longer heard from the plains
Silence is not always so golden
Trees of the land, it is no longer yours

Technology taking control of the earth
Inventing new ways of making life simpler
Conspiring of wars between once friendly neighbors
Demolishing the once sought after peace amid countries
The animals of the earth, it is no longer yours

I have no choice
But to be swept along in that current
Acclimate to the new, foreign ways

Oh, how I long for
That clear, crisp, morning air
That fresh crystal, clear water
That nutritious, brown, fertile soil
That innocent and simple way of life.

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