and on that gentle cloud we ride

December 6, 2010
In a moment where will I be
Dead or alive
I'm at the end of a knife
Held by me and others
It's edge smothers
Under it is true cover
I may have a new lover
I slap myself out of it
Ima write a line
That'll be a mine
I'll blow past the finish line
I don't give a damn 'bout yesterday
Cause it's only Monday
I'm trying not to swear
It's so hard when you don't care
About every f***ing stare
At my peak
My clothes still wreak
The futures still bleak
Personally I'm done
Writing only used to be fun
Now I write to stun
Using lyrics like a gun
Bam bam
It's tandem
I never ran
I don't need a fan
To stand like a man
I hate more than I love
Lies whiter than a dove
I may never find peace
There's no gears to grease
It's fine
Cause it's mine
When it's over
I won't need clover
I'll need a coffin
Now I'm cigarette coughing
I need an angel
Just to tell
How far I fell
I guess I'll move on
Ok ok I'll be strong
Time to prove them wrong
Even though
They've been right all along

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